Saturday, December 2, 2023

What I learned from fasting


I know this is a strange topic after Thanksgiving and going into the Christmas season but hang with me for a minute.  In less than 30 days we are looking at a new year, 2024.  Time is flying by faster than we can watch the second hand on a clock.  And as I have aged, I notice the seasons are like a quick movie at the theater.  Wasn’t it just Spring?  Didn’t we just turn the calendar over to 2023?  How is it going to be 2024 so soon?

So maybe it is time, no pun intended, to sit for a moment and take stock of 2023 and see where God wants us in 2024.

Hence, one of my reasons to fast.

Everyone looks at fasting differently.  Some fast for a meal.  Some for a day.  Some for a week or more.  There are many examples in scripture of those who fasted and how God granted supernatural revelation through that practice.  Whichever way you choose to fast, research scripture, pray, and let God’s Spirit lead you each step of the way.  Take fasting seriously and with reverence.  It can be an extraordinary time with Holy God.   You don’t miss out on the blessing.

I fasted for different reasons over the years.  Often to get closer to my God and seek HIS will in a situation.  I recently walked into fasting with a list of requests.  I knew it was time, and there were so many reasons I needed this moment with my Lord.  I asked a friend to pray as I stepped into the moment.  I took my list of concerns to the Throne and closed the door behind me.  I wanted answers.  I wanted clarity.  I wanted time alone.

I fasted each day until dinner.

The first day I didn’t know what to expect.  I just came to my God and said here I am with my list.  After a bit I realized my list wasn’t as important as HIS will.  He listened to me and my fancy list as any father would.  Then He just quietly guided me to HIS will. 

That first day He gave me one simple task.  Nothing earth shattering.  Just one task.  Not an overwhelming task.  In fact, it was so menial that I can barely remember it right now.  All I remember is that I said, “Ok Lord, that is easy I can do that.” And I did it. And I didn’t stress about all the other things on my list.  I just went to bed that night knowing He had them in HIS hands.   

Each day it became easier to hear HIS will.

Each day I would see an answer.  Not to what I asked for, but what I needed.

Each day was a new blessing.

Each day was a new answer.

I came out of fasting different than I walked into it.  I expected to have my list checked off and neatly completed.  Instead, I was changed, once again, to HIS will.  My focus was realigned. My heart was tuned to HIS.  My list was now HIS.  We were now on the same page.  What a concept?

Breaking the fast.

What surprised me the most was my feelings of sadness by the thoughts of breaking my fast.  I didn’t expect those feelings.  Honestly, I expected more feelings of excitement to get back into my normal eating schedule but what happened was the eating desires had dulled and were pushed back by my overwhelming desire to spend more time with my Lord.  The sad feeling was like getting ready to leave an amazing vacation and getting ready to go back to work.  There was work involved in fasting and praying, don’t get me wrong, but there was a sweetness and closeness that spending time with my heavenly Father couldn’t compare to any banquet.

What my heavenly Father left me with before I broke my fast was – “I am always here” “You can come to me anytime just like this” “You don’t need to fast to be this close to Me” “You just need to step away from the distractions.”


Another blog for another time… 😊

Merry Christmas!


Click here for some bible verses about fasting:,in%20secret%2C%20will%20reward%20you.

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