Thursday, September 30, 2021


Have you ever had one of these days?  I can say today was one.  
A true test of patience and perserverance.  

I consider my patience as a cup which is mostly full each day.  It starts out so well, and then I get out of bed. :)  Does this sound familiar?  I laugh, but seriously, patience is one of the harder fruits for me to display.  I want everything right now or maybe sooner if possible.  I normally joke with friends that I will not pray for patience because I know God will intervene and give me a lesson to teach me more patience.  However, what I sometimes forget is that even when I don't pray for patience, that does not mean He won't give me the lesson He knows I need.  Today was one of them.

I went to the local superstore to have tires put on my car.  We purchased the tires a few days ago and the store stated they would hold the tires and we could just come in as scheduled and the new tires would be mounted and balanced.  Easy right?  Well, I started my day with the full cup of patience and then it spilled out a bit when I realized I was late for my appointment.  No problem, I wasn't far from the store so being a tad late shouldn't be a problem.  Except for me.  Growing up in the military we learned promptness was essential.  Showing up early was considered on time.  Being on time was actually considered late.  I am a bit driven by schedules and spent the next few minutes putting myself down for being late.  

After giving myself the proper scolding, I regrouped and walked into the store.  Finding no one around I waited a few minutes, and a young man came up to the counter and I told him I was here to get the tires put on my car.  He asked if I had an appointment. I wouldn't be there if I didn't... Okay, breathe.  I put on a smile and regrouped and said yes and the tires should be waiting for me as well.  He looked confused and started reviewing paperwork and typing frantically into the computer in front of him.  This didn't look good.  He asked if we had the tires.  No, I didn't have the tires.  This small task took a turn as four more associates came out to assist.  No one knew where the runaway tires were.  My patience cup spilled out a bit more.

Thirty minutes later, and finger pointing as to who 'lost' the tires, they decided to use tires they had on the shelf for my car.  After the team of associates decided they made the right decision, they proceeded to leave me standing there.  I had to call one of them back to ask if I needed to wait for the tires or if I should come back.  In shock he looked at me and said he would text me when they were ready.  I know I was pushing my luck, but I had to ask which number they were going to text.  Come to find out, it wasn't mine.  So after a bit of murmuring, they wrote my number down and I proceeded out the door to apologize to my ride back to the house for the lengthy process.

Fifteen minutes after we got home, my husband texted me and told me they let him know the tires were ready. My patience cup was leaking at that point.

So, we proceeded to the superstore once again.  When I arrived, no one was at the front desk again.  After waiting a few more minutes someone appeared.  There was issue with the bill and obtaining a receipt for me.  One of the employees looked at me exasperated and stated, "I am new here!"  I took a breath and said I understand you need to have that copy for your records, but can you make a copy for me?  He stopped and realized there was a copy machine behind him and proceeded to make the copy.  I smiled and thanked him and headed out the door.

I started my car and almost immediately received a warning about the tire pressure of one of my new tires.  I took a picture of the warning and proceeded back into the store.  I showed it to the young man and he said he would look into it.  After a few more minutes he said he Googled it and the car needed to be driven for ten minutes and the car would reset.  In faith, after looking at all the tires, I drove the car away from the parking lot to go down the road and test the newest theory.

Low and behold the young man was right.  However, as I celebrated the moment, I suddenly heard a sound like something fell off my car.  That sound proceeded to happen four times before it stopped.   I stopped the car, checked the lug nuts, and got back into the car again.  No more noise.  My patience cup was empty at that moment.

I drove home after a bit and sat alone to regroup.  I needed a moment and my Heavenly Father to refill my cup.  Lesson learned for today.  Keep coming back to Him when things are a bit wonky.

Always be humble and gentle.  Be patient with each other, making allowance for each other's faults because of your love. (NLT)

Understand this, my dear brothers and sisters: You must all be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to get angry (NLT)

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Wednesday, September 29, 2021


As I reflect on the water above, I am reminded how easy it is to affect others around me by my actions.  These affects may be good or bad depending on my actions.  The echoes I place around me happen minute by minute.  We all have 1440 minutes per day.  Remember, I mentioned that yesterday?  What echoes am I leaving behind?  What echoes are you leaving behind?  Each step we take from the moment we wake up is a choice.  Each choice is dictated by the thoughts that consume us. 

What thoughts are consuming us today?  The day gets away from us and honestly distracts us from what should be our ultimate goal.  That goal, if one is a believer, is to become more like Christ and dig deeper as we learn more about Him and His will for us.  When the daily routine takes over it is harder to hear His still small voice speaking to us.  The noise takes over.  The day takes over.  Next thing you know it is time to go to bed, and some of the tasks for the day are left incomplete.

So back to the choices.  Is there an easy answer to the question, ‘What positive choices are we making each minute?’  No.  If there was, we would all be doing what we are called to do every minute of the day.  We would be perfect, and that is not going to happen until we see Him face to face.  How do we consciously make the decision to capture our thoughts and make better choices? It is honestly a daily process of turning around again.  We get up, we make decisions, some good, some bad.  Then we reset and adjust our path.  Similar to a ships captain.  He keeps a clear eye on the horizon but does not trust his eyes completely but instead the compass which gives him clear direction.   The bible is our compass.  Prayer is our compass.  As we push forward each day we can pray and become closer to His will which in turn will create the positive holy echoes into others’ lives.

Romans 7:15 NIV

I do not understand what I do. For what I want to do I do not do, but what I hate I do.

Hebrews 12:2 (NIV)

fixing our eyes on Jesus, the pioneer and perfecter of faith. For the joy set before him he endured the cross, scorning its shame, and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God


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Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Welcome to Holy Echoes


Welcome to my newest adventure!  

Come hang with me to laugh, pray, and learn together as we get through this time we call life.  

We all have 1440 minutes each day.  How are you using those minutes?  Personally, I waste more than I should and have found writing a way to bring perspetive back into my life.  I am very busy with our business and a marriage ministry.  With all the noise around me, I appreciate quite moments.  Writing has become my peaceful moment where I can sit and reflect on His Word and His messages to me.

I will be here sitting by the trees sharing what God is speaking to my heart.  Come, take a load off, and sit with me here.  We can enjoy the small quiet moments together.

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Monday, September 27, 2021

Puppy Distractions...

I have always said, I am not so important that I would die by extravagance means, but most likely by being hit by a bus...

With that being said, I must start this story by saying I am okay. However, it fits perfectly into my intro above. Please forgive the longer post here...
My husband and I started a small bonfire after doing a few chores at home last night. The fire was exceptional, and I will attach that picture later. As the fire started, the mosquitos decided to join us for the evening unannounced. After a bite on my forehead, I decided to take proactive actions and went into the house to pick up a couple citronella candles and a lighter. I suddenly realized I was thirsty, and my husband probably would be as well. I walked to the back fridge and picked out two water bottles. I proceeded to walk downstairs and decided to grab a small table from the outside of the pole barn.
I was quite proud of myself as I thought placing the candles on the table between us would be a great deterrent from the small blood sucking guests. As I picked up the small black table in one hand, I held the candles, the lighter, and the two bottles of water in the other. Everything was going as planned and I only needed to go maybe 60 feet to the fireside. This is where the dogs came in.
We have two dogs, Rocco and Benny. Rocco is a Maltese, and Benny is a Shih Tzu. Rocco loves to be right where I am at any moment of the day. As I left the house with all my supplies to get the black table, Rocco followed as close as possible to not lose me and Benny was right behind Rocco. As I picked up the table and turned around to walk to the fire, Rocco decided to use his stealth cat moves to run ahead of me. Instead of running, he misjudged and got between my feet and next thing I knew I was freefalling with no hands free. I barely stopped my fall but then tripped on the gravel next to the van and then planted my face right into the right-side panel of the van.
As I lay on the gravel, my head spinning, all I could think of is again, this is how I was going to go someday. I also thought I better not have dented the van with my hard head because that would have made me mad. Finally, after feeling a bit of blood on my face, I decided that having pictures taken a few weeks ago was better timing. Pictures today would be a bit more raw.
After taking a few Advil and sitting for a bit in front of the fire with help from my husband, I realized I had a Chiro apt the next day which was again, timely. My shoulder, neck, and arm agreed. However, the bad news is the last time I saw him I had fell off a ladder. Another story for another time. Going tomorrow to see the Chiro and telling him that I faceplanted into the van might rise suspect of my innocent husband. What makes things worse is that we both have been encouraging the staff there to go to a Marriage Encounter Weekend for a while. I am going to have to explain this is not what we meant… Needed to find the humor in this…
The lesson here, are to take stock in what we carry that can burden our walk and keep eye out for distractions and stumbling blocks…
Psalms 68:19 (NIV)
Praise be to the Lord, to God our Savior, who daily bears our burdens.
Matthew 11:30 (NIV)
For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.”
1 Corinthians 8:9 (NIV)
Be careful, however, that the exercise of your rights does not become a stumbling block to the weak.

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Stones of Remembrance...

We got good news yesterday.  Actually, three things happened that made me stop and thank God each time.  One was a reprieve from the storms ...